The God of High School 2020

The story of the god of high school is a story written on some martial artists. Where many artists will compete with each other. And this tournament belongs to an unknown and mysterious institution.

If you also like to watch a 2020 series. So this series has been released on 1 July 2020. And you can see this series. It is included in quite an exciting and strange series.

The story of The God of High School is centered on Jin Mo-ri, a little girl. It is a 14-year-old martial arts artist. One day this girl is invited from a tournament sponsored by some unknown place and mysterious organization.

Some martial arts artists feel that these martial artists are being selected, who will later take part in the big tournament. In this tournament, all the high school lord’s martial artists are competed, who will be the most skilled warriors to take this trophy. However, very few people know about having shady tournaments.

8.7/10 IMDb

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