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Gangsta Story of some street raid goons who are ready to kill someone every time. You will get to see a lot of twists in the Gangsta Anime series.

And you will not be bored with its story. Gangsta is a Japanese manga anime series written and played by Kohske.

It is a 2011 anime series and has a total of 8 episodes. Which is a very good episode.

Nicholas Brown and Warrick Argango, a city called Ergastalum. They are also known as “handymen”. This is a hired businessman who works for someone here, and no one can handle them.

And it takes contracts from some powerful people and police, which keeps them contracted. “Handymen” is someone who is prepared to do anything. After completing orders to die a local broker, “handymen” also named Alex Benedetto as a prostitute for elimination.

However, this criminal The paradise is undergoing a period of change that jeopardizes the delicate balance of power.

Ergastalum was once a safe haven for the “Twilights”, super-humans born as a result of a particular drug but now being hunted by a fierce underground organization.

This new threat is rising to challenge everything the city stands for, and the handyman will not be able to survive this coming war.

Gangsta Rating 7.3/10

Written byKōsuke
Published byShinchosha
English publisherViz Media
MagazineMonthly Comic @BUNCH
Original run2011 – present
Volumes8 (List of volumes)

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