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This story is Death Parade based on some souls who compete in any game for their rebirth.

This story is so summarized that whenever someone is dead. Those who die are taken to a mysterious bar, which is a strange bar run by the bartenders.

Which is a mysterious bar run in the middle of one of the towers. And the souls of those who are killed, who are standing in the lines, all have to participate in the game.

And because of the results of the Death Parade game, these souls come to know that they have been brought here from their teens and after that their fate is determined that the souls of these people will be sent for rebirth. That they will always be lost forever.

The series follows Decim, a lonely bartender where people die together and at the same time. And where he dies, his name is known as Quindasim Bar. And whose curiosity begins to meet the black hair woman and change her role.

This is the most Surrey mode of the story, which takes the story forward with great interest, Death Parade 2015 is a Japanese series written and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa.

And this anime series was produced by Madhouse. If you are fond of watching some Minded and some mysterious Anime, then you will like this Anime a lot.

IMDb Rating of Death Parade 8/10

Directed byYuzuru Tachikawa
Produced byTakuya Tsunoki
Toshio Nakatani
Written byYuzuru Tachikawa
Music byKotaro Tanaka
Licensed byFunimation
ReleasedMarch 2, 2013
Runtime25 minutes

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