Attack On Titan Season 4 Release Date

Attack on Titan is the best in the best anime series ever. The story begins with some man-eater titans who eat humans. Those who have very large bodies, they eat smaller people than themselves. Some humans erect huge walls to escape the Titans. And to date, that is for 100 years, no Titan has fallen on that wall, but suddenly their Titan collapses the walls of 100 years old, they start eating those humans. And here comes the story of Attack on titan.

This Anime Series 2013 was launched. Then after that Manga also released some more series of this, and now you can see this anime series in 2020 or till the last. If you want to read this series. So you can also find its series in the comic book. But we would like to tell you that you should wait for its anime series. Because you will not enjoy so much in studying it, as much as you will in its series.

 the company also said that this will be the last series of Attack on titan, after that, they will come out as a series, now the manga will depend on the people that they will not move this series or not.

Now let’s also know what Manga said in the last series, so let’s see a little bit-

Attack on Titan season 4 will be released by October 2020. The release will around the fall of 2020. This time the story is expected to go overseas as the survey crops make significant progress.

The protagonist Eren along with Mikasa, Levi, and Armin will cross the sea and will find out some exciting details. The entire time they will be following Eren’s father’s journals. This journal was finally found in the last season.

Also lots of new amazing details will be revealed about the history of the humans and titans. This will be the last showdown between the two races. So we won’t see any new season of attack on titan. After hearing this, all the fans are eagerly waiting for the last season of attack on titan.

Attack on titan is all set for its final season. Season 4 will be aired in two parts same as season 3.

Attack on titan season 4 part will have ten episode and part 2 will have 12 episodes. as we have seen with the release of all the seasons the show is famous for its delay in release date. We can expect the same to happen in this last season.

Even though the release has been set for the fall, due to this ongoing pandemic, the staffs are not available for the production work. They have to work with the limited team which slows down the action.

Since, season 4 is mentioned to be the final season; this might lead to sum-up with clash between Marley. We can predict this, but there is no revelation about the plot yet.

 This season may also witness the disclosure of the secrets of the darker world.

According to rumors this time the story can go abroad as the review corps gain an incredible ground.

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

World wide collection of the Attack on Titan : $45,369,926

Directed byTetsurō Araki (season 1, chief 2–)Masashi Koizuka (seasons 2–)
Produced byTetsuya KinoshitaKensuke TateishiGeorge WadaToshihiro MaedaShin Furukawa (season 1)Tomohito Nagase (season 1)Tetsuya Endō (season 2–3 pt. 1)Yasuyuki Nishiya (season 2–)Soya Kiyota (season 3 pt. 2–)
Written byYasuko Kobayashi
Music byHiroyuki Sawano
StudioWit StudioProduction I.G(production cooperation, season 1)
Licensed byFunimation[5][a]
Original networkSeasons 1–2MBSSeasons 3–4NHK General TV
English networkAUSBS 2CAFrissons TVSEAAniplus AsiaUSAdult Swim (Toonami)
Original runApril 7, 2013 – present

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