Assassination Classroom Anime

Assassination Classroom is a series that will impress you a lot as there are a lot of twists hidden in it. This series becomes quite interesting when its characters teach their students art to die.

Lets know a little about Assassination Classroom story, and this story begins with a strong creature who threatens the Earth. It has destroyed half of the moon with its power.

This sovereign creature claims that he will destroy the earth within 1 year. But he gives the human race a chance to stop it. In class 3-E at Kunugigoka Junior High School, he works as a teacher.

Where not only does Anya Subect teach but also tells the art of killing herself to the students. And also tells them the methods of killing.

The Japanese government has promised 10 billion dollars or 100 million US dollars to kill this strange creature. Any student who succeeds in dying it, will be named “Corrosion”.

However, this is an impossible task as this strange creature has many inhuman abilities to deal with all these things.

If you want to know that students will not be able to kill their teacher. You will find this in Assassination Classroom series. If you are interested in watching this series, then you will like this series very much.

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