Ai City 1983 - FINISHED

In a dystopic and futuristic Tokyo, humanity's genetic code has gone awry. At the forefront of the technology is Fraud, an organization conducting experiments on people such as Kei and Ai—two escaped "headmeters" with hefty psychokinetic powers. The sinister Mr. Lee wants nothing more to retrieve Ai back to his clutches, as she seemingly holds the key to immense power; Kei wants simply to keep Ai safe; and the evil Lai Lo Ching has his own master plan. Along with the help of the amnesiac headmeter K2 and a trusty sidekick, Kei must fight to protect Ai from the evils of Mr. Lee, Lai Lo Ching, and the state of the world itself!



Action, Sci-Fi,

Release Date:

6 1983

Run Time:

22 min



Plot Keywords:

Action Sci-Fi

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Ai City

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