• Launch Date : 1-2-1995
  • Studio : --
  • Adult : false
  • Anime Rank : #7
  • Episodes : #--
  • End Date : 1-10-1997

Gokinjo Monogatari

Anime Status : FINISHED

-- Episodes

#73 Score

#1616 Popularity

The Story Line

Ever since he was small, all the girls in the neighborhood have fawned over Tsutomu Yamaguchi, whose name came from a song and whose adorable face closely resembles the monkey character Monchichi's. Even back then, it was enough to make his friend and neighbor Mikako sick. Now that he's a little more grown, Tsutomu looks like the lead vocalist of Manbou, Ken Nakagawa (Midori friend/boyfriend from Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai; we meet main characters from Tenshi on market/fest), and that makes him even more popular with the ladies. But Mikako--now a trendy teen with modern sensibilities--couldn't care less. Or could she...? Gokinjo Monogatari is a sharp-witted and stylish slice-of-life story!

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