• Launch Date : 28-4-2016
  • Studio : --
  • Adult : false
  • Anime Rank : #--
  • Episodes : #--
  • End Date : 17-7-2019

Bishounen Tanteidan

Anime Status : FINISHED

-- Episodes

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#877 Popularity

The Story Line

The Pretty Boy Detective Club, a mysterious organisation that's rumoured to solve problems at Yubiwa Academy...

Manabu the Aesthete
Michiru the Epicure
Hyouta the Adonis
Nagahiro the Orator
Sousaku the Artiste

To search for a star she glimpsed 10 years ago, second-year student Mayumi Doujima calls on these five Pretty Boys to help her solve the case! Which Pretty Boy is your favorite!?

(Source: Kodansha USA)

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